The author

Hi there!

My name is Cristi Constantin and I am the author of this site.
I am a human 😜 from planet Earth 🌍
My daily job is “software developer” 👨‍💻
I try to balance the strictness of software by doing other creative disciplines (in my spare time), like Philosophy and Arts.

You can find me on:

Any other places on the web with the same username should be considered a coincidence and it’s probably not me.

I use GPG. My fingerprint is: 44134EC9215587FD88CA1DCA9FF83DA702447B8F.
Get my public key.

Why this website

I like writing. I’ve beeen writing since I was 12.
I had many journals. I was writing at school, during lunch breaks…
In college I was writing during long courses, in the bus on my way home…

This site exists mainly as a personal wiki for my young self 👶 (to learn from), or future older self 👴 (to remember).
It is a way to express myself, for expression’s sake, not necessarily for someone else to read.
You will find notes, ideas, articles, photos, bookmarks, books and movie lists… all the things.

Some posts are timeless, but the majority are sorted by the creation date, because they are most relevant in the context of the time they were created.

All the posts are constantly updated, like a wiki.

I try to never delete anything, so the links are permanent. In case a post is totally wrong, I’ll make sure to leave a warning in the content.

There is content from different places that I used to publish, like: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Blogger, Tumblr,, etc. I try to mention the source, to find them easier.

It is public in the hope that other humans, aliens, or robots might find it useful.

This website is not about the domain “”, the domain is just a pointer to the content.
I built the website myself. I own the site source code and the content and I have backups. If I want to deploy it in other places, or change it 100 times in 100 ways, I have FULL control over it. Unlike any social media platform out there.

Previous sites

This blog is the most recent attempt (from a list of many) to create a personal blog.
I created my first website around year 2000, to teach others HTML and CSS. Some of my sites were published on and others on There were other attempts on and 000webhost.

One of my many old project sites can still be found at: Interestingly enough, it was written entirely in Notepad.

A few of my blog attempts (that I remember) can be found at:

Cr;Lf; website was created in August 2019 and it’s growing ever since.